Service that leads to results
Frezco IT Consulting focuses on customized services. No two businesses are the same, and experience shows that this requires time and again for a unique approach, based on the needs of the customer.
Private en Hybrid cloud

The cloud is increasingly mentioned as the ultimate solution to rapidly deliver IT services . A number of aspects, which are preconditions for the successful deployment of cloud services are sometimes too easily ignored...

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Integrating SaaS services

Every day more companies see the benefits of using cloud services. A number of software vendors have already decided to no longer provide the software for local installation, but are only offering cloud services. To be able to successfully use SaaS services it is wise to consider a few things first...
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IT Rationalization

Due to historical growth and mergers, systems and applications are often highly differentiated. Some are no longer supported by the supplier. Rationalisation of the IT landscape can help to reduce operational costs...

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IT Security

As IT services become more exposed to external parties it is increasingly important to saveguard security of systems and data. Loss or theft of data can have very unpleasant consequences..

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IT Architecture

As the IT operation of a company gets more important and bulkier the challenges to stay in control are increasing. Working with architecture can help enforcing standardization, making and keeping the IT landscape manageable...
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